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Diane has run her own successful floristry business for fifteen years, first in Newbury in berkshire, and now in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.



She originally learnt her craft by shadowing a florist and soon realised she had a natural flair for working with flowers, and eventually running her own business.


Diane is dedicated to providing her customers with the highest quality flowers at the most reasonable prices. She thrives on creating floral designs to suit every individual taste and budget.


A highly creative person with a keen eye for detail, Diane pays close attention to current trends and takes inspiration from all around her. Whether you’re looking for a rustic arrangement or a stylish bouquet, you can trust Diane to produce exactly what you require.


Diane’s other love; besides Bubbles (the Bichon who we sadly lost in 2019) is beautiful giftware. Blossoms of Yarmouth positively overflows with local handmade crafts, vintage-style homeware and decorative shabby chic knick-knacks. In time we’ll be adding these tempting delights to the website so you can buy them for yourself or send them as a gift. Until then, take a look at our Facebook page to see the kind of gorgeous items we stock.



2003 - 2019

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